Roof Rats – Article by Jim Fontaine

What caused the hole in this wood shake roof? Tornado? Hurricane? Vandalism? Satellite Dish Installer? Lightening? Meteor? Gremlins? Block of ice from an airliner’s bathroom (yuk!)? No! Believe it or not, raccoons, opossums and large rodents are usually the culprits. One would think that in urban Southern California this couldn’t be possible, but that is … Continue reading

Roof Inspections & Preventative Maintenance – Article by Tony Angelo

The primary reason for establishing a program for regular roof inspections and maintenance is to protect the owner’s roofing investment. A properly executed maintenance program will not only add years to the life of the roof, it will detect minor problems before Excessive Moisture (leaks), Fungus, Dryrot and Termite damage becomes wide spread. Preventative maintenance … Continue reading

HOAs and Pests – Who is Responsible for Eradication? Broken Screens? – Article by Beth A. Grimm

Here’s a good quandary sent by a reader: “Recently, wasps entered my unit via a broken screen on our kitchen exhaust vent outside the unit. The exhaust vent is on the second floor. The HOA manager hired an exterminator to repair the screen and kill the nest but stuck me with the bill. She says … Continue reading

Amber Poll – What HOA topic’s interest you the most?

Take our poll and let us know what type of articles you would be interested in reading.   Want to contribute an article? Contact me at

Neighborhood Watch – How to Start One! – Article from

Starting a Neighborhood Watch program in your neighborhood is not hard, but it will take a little time and some proper planning. Step One: Getting started Visit the website which is the national face of the Neighborhood Watch program. There you will find great information to help you get started. Determine the area you … Continue reading

HOA Reserve Study Tutorial – Article by Richard Thompson

Every homeowner association should exercise a plan to repair and replace major common area components like roofs, siding, and decks. Healthy reserves are critical to a healthy association because: Buyers examine the Reserves before buying  Lenders examine the Reserves before approving a loan  The board has a fiduciary responsibility to protect the association from financial … Continue reading

Multipurpose Plumbing-Fire Sprinkler Systems Help California Meet New Fire Safety Regs – Article by

Imagine the public outcry if an airplane crashed every month. Month after month, crash after crash, thousands of Americans dying from a preventable incident seems unimaginable. However, a similar scenario is being played out today in homes across America, where residential fires kill upward of 2,500 people each year. In 2009, California home fires killed … Continue reading

California Sprinkler Law for Fire Prevention – Article by By MorrillJ, eHow Contributor

From January 1, 2003, to February 1, 2008, more than 54,400 residential structure fires, 410 civilian residential deaths, 3 firefighter fatalities and about $2.3 billion dollars in fire-related property damage were reported to California’s Office of the State Fire Marshal. Sprinkler Law In 2010, the California Building Standards Commission (BSC) voted to adopt the 2009 … Continue reading


One of the most important questions in a homeowners association is “Who fixes what?”  On top of this very basic question, others come up and this article will provide answers.   What exactly is the problem? What is the correct “fix”? How do you figure out who is responsible if the HOA/Condo documents are not … Continue reading

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