California Earthquake Authority (CEA) is available to owners or renters of condominiums, townhomes and other units in the common interest developments. Association EQ insurance policies cover only the structures and typically would have a very high deductible. The CEA helps the homeowner cover their deductible, as well as provide coverage for their contents, any upgrades to … Continue reading

6 Types Of Insurance Coverage You Didn’t Think You Needed – Article by Stephanie Christensen

You know you need auto, homeowners and probably renter’s insurance coverage. But, do you really know what kind of coverage your policies offer? The chances are, unless you are well-versed in the ins and outs of insurance, there are a few types of insurance you didn’t think you needed, when in fact, you might. Here … Continue reading

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Disaster! ~ No reserves. No Insurance. What’s Left if a Natural Disaster Destroys a Community Association? – Article by Tyler P. Berding, Esq. and Steven S. Weil, Esq.

We have recently seen horrific earthquake disasters in New Zealand and Japan. There has been widespread loss of life and destruction of infrastructure and buildings. California has a history of devastating earthquakes as well—the San Francisco, San Fernando, Northridge, and Loma Prieta earthquakes, among others. Heavy rains have created landslides, mudslides and shoreline erosion all … Continue reading

“TRUST BUT VERIFY” – Article by Carl A. Brown, RCI, RRO

These words were made famous by a well-respected president, and seem to apply to many aspects of our world. However they are especially appropriate to the condominium construction industry. Here is why Quality Assurance Doesn’t Cost, it Pays. In the 1960’s and before, the California construction industry was mostly union labor, from the least skilled … Continue reading

What if nobody wants to serve on the homeowners association board? – Article by Stephen Glassman and Donie Vanitzian

  Question: We live in an 18-unit condominium complex. Nobody wants to serve on the board nowadays because it is so much work. Can our homeowner association choose to compensate board of directors members for performing their duties? Answer: Common interest developments are predicated on the concept of self-management. Civil Code section 1351 says that … Continue reading

Should I Get Homeowners Insurance If I Pay for HOA Fees? – Article written by Mary Schultz

When you pay homeowner’s association, or HOA, fees, a portion of those funds goes toward insurance for the entire building and grounds. Before closing, when you purchased your condo, the HOA probably provided you and your lender with a copy of their insurance. By reviewing the policy terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions, you can determine … Continue reading

Amend Your Way to Efficiency and Cost Savings – Article by David E. Hickey, ESQ

“Reprinted with permission from California Association of Community Managers, Inc. (CACM) The Law Journal (Copyright, 2011, CACM)” Amendments to governing documents can increase the cost effectiveness of an association’s operations. Amendments that can create greater efficiency and cost savings are numerous, but are often unique to each individual set of CC&Rs. However, in recent times, … Continue reading

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance 101 – Article by Patrick Prendiville

    Article by Patrick Prendiville So you just moved into your new home in a community association. You’re having a great time meeting your neighbors, spending time by the pool and taking walks throughout at sunset. Being that you have some time on your hands, you figure you’ll help out some and volunteer for the … Continue reading

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