New ADA Pool Accessibility Standards: What HOAs Need to Know – Article by Molly Foley-Healy

We have been hearing a lot of buzz out in the HOA world about the new Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) regulations relating to pool accessibility standards. Many associations are confused about whether these new standards apply to their communities, what exactly the pool accessibility standards require and when modifications to pools and spas must be … Continue reading

THE QUESTION ALWAYS IS: WHAT IS THE COST? But is it the RIGHT question ????…………………….the answer is NO – Article by Carl Brown, RCI, RRO

 Regrettably most HOA boards seem fixated on the bidder’s price as the most important item for selection of a service provider. While soliciting competitive bids for major services is commendable, the process is often poorly organized, resulting is less than complete satisfaction for one or both parties to a contract. Too often the process starts … Continue reading

Kids’ Lemonade Stand Curtailed by HOA – Article by FastTracks: A News Bulletin for CAI Members

News: Kids’ Lemonade Stand Curtailed by HOA Talk about some sourpusses: A North Palms Beach, Fla., homeowners association has put the kibosh on a lemonade stand run by neighborhood kids. According to West Palms Beach’s WPTV Channel 5, the young entrepreneurs, between the ages 5 and 10, and their parents received a letter from the … Continue reading

Can an Association donate members funds to charity? – Article by Mark Fragola

Associations are looking for ways to give back to their communities. One question does remain ” Can a Board of Directors donate member funds to a charity?” Here is a great article I found to answer for this very question: Can condo board donate member funds to charity? By community living  Q: Our board approved … Continue reading

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