What’s an “At Large” HOA Board Member? – Article by HOALeader.com

Is there such a thing as an “at large” director on an HOA board? If so, what does that term mean? Are the “at large” director’s responsibilities different from those of other homeowners association board members? Here are answers. At Large = Not an Officer The distinction between officers and “at large” board members starts … Continue reading


A colleague of mine recently delivered an email newsletter that cited a case in Nevada discussing conflict of interest. A Nevada city council member was “censured” for voting in favor of a casino development for whom a long-time personal friend and campaign manager was a consultant. The council member did not recuse himself from voting … Continue reading


Were your governing documents drafted before 1995? Is the Developer out of the project? Do your documents seem to relate to some other association? Are some of the provisions absurd, obsolete or unenforceable? Are your CC&Rs impossible to understand? To interpret? Are you baffled by your Bylaws? Are there conflicting provisions in your documents? Discriminatory … Continue reading

Association Records: What’s Available to the Members – Article by Association Times

The Association Bylaws and CC&R’s usually provide wording on member access to Association records. The books, records, and papers of the Association shall at all times, during reasonable business hours, be subject to inspection by any Member. The Declaration, the Articles, and the Bylaws of the Association shall be available for inspection by any Member … Continue reading

Have a “Q”? Because we have your “A” – An amazing complied list of HOA Q & A – Article by hoaqanda.com

    JUSTIFIED EXPENDITURES Q.  Can the board of directors of our association spend association funds on what amounts to a political issue? The board wants to spend funds to stop a nearby development, based on the belief that it will harm the value of homes in our community. A.  Absent a prohibition in the … Continue reading

FCC Satellite and Antenna Regulations-the OTARD Rule – Article by neighborhoodlink.com

Community associations were once free to adopt and enforce restrictions and regulations on satellite dishes and other types of antennas. Following the enactment of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, federal law preempted all state, local and other non-governmental restrictions regulating satellites and antennas, thus, the landscape for community and condominium associations was significantly changed. In … Continue reading

Condo Association or HOA Collection Policies for Fees and Assessments – Article by CondoAssociation.com

Assessments are the life-blood of condo associations and HOAs.  Yet only in a very fortunate few condo associations can collection of assessments be left to a laissez faire process.  Most condo associations need to have a cohesive and consistent collection process to thrive and not merely survive. This article deals not only with the process … Continue reading

Can HOA or Condo Boards or Managers Count Ballots? – Article by Beth Grimm, P.L.C.

“Is there any legal requirements that HOA elections be handled by someone other than the Management Company and Board of Director?”  There is a law on elections in California and it is very comprehensive (long, complicated and in ways difficult to interpret). But what it says on the subject of who can act as an … Continue reading

Kids’ Lemonade Stand Curtailed by HOA – Article by FastTracks: A News Bulletin for CAI Members

News: Kids’ Lemonade Stand Curtailed by HOA Talk about some sourpusses: A North Palms Beach, Fla., homeowners association has put the kibosh on a lemonade stand run by neighborhood kids. According to West Palms Beach’s WPTV Channel 5, the young entrepreneurs, between the ages 5 and 10, and their parents received a letter from the … Continue reading

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