Preparing for the rainy season – Article by Kim Province

Article by Kim Province

It is nearing that time of the year again when the summer sun starts to play hide and seek with the clouds.  Southern California is expecting normal rainfall with January and February predicted to be the wettest months this season. This gives you time to prepare your communities for the rain. If a property isn’t prepared for the rainy season, the inclement weather can create various damages that can be very costly and difficult to repair if neglected, and even add to a devaluation of your association. The accumulation of mold caused by water and dirt can also pose as a health factor.

Below are some tips to help protect your communities and prevent water damage and numerous untimely emergency calls:


  1. Stairs, decks, walkways, stucco siding, planters and misc. wood surfaces – Check preventative maintenance schedules to see if it is time to apply a waterproofing sealant.  If the last coating is unknown, have the components evaluated by a trusted waterproofing contractor.
  2. Roofs – Have roofs and flashings evaluated for damages and check for areas that can be sensitive to leaks such as valley flashings and edge metals.  Get proposals for repairs before the rain.
  3. Rain gutters – Have your rain gutter cleaned of leaves and debris. If rain gutters are the association’s responsibility advise the board of directors that it is wise to have this done post fall and sometimes half way through the winter( reword this, be specific such as have this completed prior to the winter months). If it is home owner’s responsibility, this is a great time to put a reminder in the newsletter.
  4. 4.       Windows and Doors – Check to make sure your doors and windows close all the way with no gaps. This is a very easy way for water to enter and cause leaks, especially on the second floor. Check for water intrusion around the doors and windows. Look for cracking and stained drywall
  5. StreetsEvaluate your asphalt for pot holes or cracks that need to be repaired before the winter elements cause any additional damage.
  6. Pools – Have water levels lowered in pool & Jacuzzi before rain storms.  Clean all community and pool floor drains. Store all fly away items such as umbrellas, trash cans, awnings, and light weight pool furniture.
  7. Landscape – Trim Foliage. Plants and trees can also pose a problem during the rainy season and can be damaged by harsh winds and become a safety issue. Remember trees can have small or shallow root balls and the winds can easily blow them over if the canopies are too heavy. Have irrigation water cycles adjusted to keep ground saturation low.
  8. Slopes – Evaluate all community slope area’s and high risk slide areas secured (remove d) with plastic and sandbags to help prevent flood prone areas for the winter season. (Great newsletter reminder for home owners)
  9. Electrical – Have all power boxes and exposed electrical wires secured.
  10. Review tabled water intrusion bids from last rainy season – Check minutes from Dec-April of last year for area’s that need temporary repairs or securing.  This will save the association money, time, and headache to have these areas addressed and secured before the rain.  Some of these methods include: Urethane caulking, roof mastic, tarps, plastic, sandbags and sealants.

Even the most prepared and maintained communities have emergencies. It is always good for you to know the costs for emergency services and keep the phone number for a 24 hour emergency response team with hauling services and water intrusion knowledge.

We hope you have a safe and emergency free winter season.


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