Did You Record That Judgment? Tips on Maintaining the Critical Priority of your Foreclosure Judgment – Article by Paul W. Windust, Esq.

A recent appellate decision from the First District Court of Appeal in San Francisco (Diamond Heights Village Association v. Financial Freedom Senior Funding Corp) highlights the necessity to record judicial foreclosure judgments. In that case, the association recorded assessments liens against a condominium unit after the unit owner failed to pay maintenance assessments for several … Continue reading

What’s an “At Large” HOA Board Member? – Article by HOALeader.com

Is there such a thing as an “at large” director on an HOA board? If so, what does that term mean? Are the “at large” director’s responsibilities different from those of other homeowners association board members? Here are answers. At Large = Not an Officer The distinction between officers and “at large” board members starts … Continue reading


A colleague of mine recently delivered an email newsletter that cited a case in Nevada discussing conflict of interest. A Nevada city council member was “censured” for voting in favor of a casino development for whom a long-time personal friend and campaign manager was a consultant. The council member did not recuse himself from voting … Continue reading

Govenor Signs Senate Bill 209 Dealing With Electric Charging Stations – Article by David C. Swedelson

With the proliferation of electric vehicles comes a new law that limits and restricts California community associations’ ability to prohibit an owner from installing their own electric charging station. On July 25, Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 209, which adds new Civil Code Section 1353.9. The new law takes effect January 1, 2012. New Civil Code … Continue reading

Upstairs, Downstairs Strategies for Dealing with Noise Disputes – Article by Paul W. Windust, Esq.

Noise disputes among owners can be one of the most troublesome problems community associations and their managers face. Not only can they be expensive to resolve, they can cause community unrest and bad feelings. However, if a community association acts quickly and assertively, it may be able to diffuse the dispute, or at least keep … Continue reading

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