Roof Inspections & Preventative Maintenance – Article by Tony Angelo

Article by Tony Angelo

The primary reason for establishing a program for regular roof inspections and maintenance is to protect the owner’s roofing investment.

A properly executed maintenance program will not only add years to the life of the roof, it will detect minor problems before Excessive Moisture (leaks), Fungus, Dryrot and Termite damage becomes wide spread. Preventative maintenance increases the longevity of your roof system and avoids the high cost of roof replacement. A small investment in a planned preventative maintenance program can save significant money and time. Identifying and eliminating the cause of small issues before they become expensive problems is the goal. A preventative maintenance program adds 30% to 100% service life to your roof system.

Clay tile roofs are not only beautiful, but are long lasting and very durable.  Tile roofs without inspections and repair will unfortunately need to be replaced.  The primary way tile roof maintenance is required is by excessive and inexperienced foot traffic from vendors or occupants, which can break or crack tiles and cause multiple problems. Contrary to popular belief, the tiles of your roof are not what actually protect your home from moisture intrusion during rains and winds.

Under the tiles is the real protection and is usually called the under layment or felt membrane.  This is what is laid out to cover the actual wood decking of your roof and then the tiles are placed over the top of wood decking and under layment.  The under layment along with flashing is used at the connections between roof sections, around chimneys, vents, skylights, valleys, gutters, and vent pipes. They can be manufactured from steel, aluminum, copper or vinyl.

Tiles may be attached to the under layment and roof decks by various methods; nailed on, screwed on, foam adhesive, mudded using mortar mix or nailed or screwed to battens (strips of wood that go over top of the under layment).

If you have an interior living space water stain or anywhere along the eaves or soffit (the exposed underside of any overhead component of building) or fascia (the horizontal board that is nailed across the face of the eave to conceal the raftertails) requires further investigation.  Broken tiles or damaged roof vents, stacks, valley, and chimney flashing are all common areas we inspect to identify problems.

The Federal government which is the largest building owner in the United States found that their average roof lasted less than five years before leakage occurrence and less than 10 years before replacement and as many as 35% of all roofs do not reach their anticipated life expectancy.

The life of your roof is directly related to how often it is inspected and how quickly small problems are identified and repaired.  A roof inspected semi-annually can last as much as 50% longer than one inspected only when there is a leak.

Maintenance with documentation provides you with a written history of repairs, a projected life expectancy and clear budget numbers for future expenditures.  This gives you both knowledge and control; also will protect your asset and provides value.

It goes without saying that if you keep your roof maintained and sound, this will help to save you money and provide a safe and healthy environment for all occupants.

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