What are drying services and why do I need them? – Article by Elaine Kwoh

Article by Elaine Kwoh

What are drying services and why do I need them?

It is necessary to mitigate a water damage to prevent further damage to a home and neighboring units. A homeowner has the responsibility to respond quickly to these occurrences. If negligence is determined, the HOA or your insurance company could deny coverage. There may be coverage from the Homeowner’s Association if the water damage comes from common drains or pipes. Coverage is usually limited and typically only covers common areas or bare walls. Depending on the actual wording of your CC&Rs, it is different with every association. Please verify coverage with your management company.

Why should I expect?

A good water damage restoration company will proceed on authorized limits verified through the management company. A reputable vendor will act quickly to start the drying process to prevent further damage. Depending on your association’s CC&Rs, the restoration company should inform the homeowner of responsibility splits and what they may potentially be responsible for on their own or through their own property insurance policy. It is not always necessary to tear out cabinets and flooring for the initial dry out. However if your cabinets, drywall or flooring are damaged from the water it will be more than likely necessary to replace them. Places will dry out faster if the wet materials are physically removed from the home.


Standard drying equipment includes air mover fans and dehumidifiers. There is specialty equipment for saving hardwood floors such as drying mats and ceiling fans that point straight up. It is disruptive to have the equipment running constantly in your home but it is necessary to promote drying. Despite popular misconceptions, the fans do not dry. They promote the flow of air and the dehumidifiers are actually responsible for drawing the moisture out of the air. Dry air will absorb water like a sponge which creates humidity. Running the equipment 24 hours a day will ensure maximum drying capabilities. The restoration company should be monitoring approximately every 24 hours and make adjustments if necessary to get your home dry as quick as possible. We dry places out quickly to dramatically reduce the homeowner’s potential for mold.

Restoration jobs gone wrong-

This can happen when the restoration company does not verify coverage limits of the HOA or goes over coverage limits without authorization. Sending untrained technicians will also cause problems when equipment is not strategically placed properly. A homeowner has every right to be upset if unnecessary demolition, removal of flooring and other services are performed. It is very important to stick with a reputable vendor who will work to the benefit of the homeowner, HOA and management company.

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