Termites and Taxes – Article by Isaac Camacho

Article by Isaac Camacho

In Southern California termites are like taxes; we all get them and though they come in relatively small amounts at a time, they build up and consume our hard earned money. Just like tax evasion can get you into a whole lot of trouble, so can termite evasion. Approaching the unwanted critters with knowledge and expertise is key to resolving the problem correctly, effectively, and with minimal adverse effect to your pocket book. Here are some quick facts about termite control that can help you make the smart decisions.

Most termite control that is done in multifamily structures today is a form of localized treatments for termite eradication. When performed accurately and regularly, localized treatments can be an effective method of termite control for multifamily structures. Most of the work and cost associated with localized treatments is in the inspection itself. Once termite infestations are found, treatments are as simple as drilling into the infected wood member, injecting termiticide, and filling the drill hole. The majority of time and labor is spent in finding the problems. Hence, when acquiring a regular termite control contract, avoid having that any one building be inspected in it’s entirety more than once a year. Even after swarming, new termite infestations rarely become a major issue within the first year of a new colony. After the entire building has been inspected once, spot inspections and treatments as needed for one year is sufficient to get good control of the termite situation in the community.

Make wood repairs a part of your termite control program to reduce the likelihood of having major damage in the future. Performing regular wood repairs and treating under damaged wood is also a great method of keeping termites under control. Termites like their food (wood) as soft and moist as they can find it. By repairing and replacing old and damaged wood, you reduce the likelihood that a new swarm will choose your community as a new home. When planning wood repairs, plan to ask your termite company to treat under the damaged wood, this makes it very likely that you can treat right at the source of the problem. In short, plan to leave some money left over to handle wood repairs after termite inspections and treatments are done. Never acquire a contract for wood repair unless the contractor has already provided you the specs of work for each building. Allowing a contractor to extrapolate a wood repairs bid from only one inspection, or just a few inspections is a dangerous and costly thing. Termite inspection reports contain a lot useful information; use them throughout the entire project.

In a termite control program, the reports can be just as valuable as the service itself. Inspection reports will help you see where your largest problem areas are, how large the problems actually are, and how much damage is present on the property. Acquiring a termite control program is a great opportunity to receive a full-scale view of damage throughout the community all at once. Being able to “see” all wood repairs needed in the entire community all at once will give you the ability to plan and wisely allocate resources to areas according to where they are needed most first. Acquiring the right contracts at the right time will reduce future costs in repairs and sometimes treatment. Savings can be directed to termite prevention to secure and protect a good standing in termite control for a long period of time.

Termites swarm high and look for cool dark places to start their new colonies. This is why most major termite infestations are commonly found in eaves and attics. There are products and treatment methods available, which actually do work, and prevent termite infestations from reoccurring. The products work best on non-painted exposed wood such as the wood in your attics. Having your attics treated for termite prevention is the treatment of most value you could acquire when it comes to termite control. Do remember, however, that before termites can be prevented they have to be treated—always start at step one.

In short, termite activity is always changing and so are your community’s needs. What you may have been doing in the past is not always the best option today. Take the time to consider your trusted termite professionals recommendations and options; get informed, and make the decision of best overall value.

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