Difference Between Wood Rot, Dry Rot and Termite Damage – Article by DoMyOwnPestControl.com staff and Tauqeer Ul Hassan from EzineArticles.com Expert Author

Subterranean termites and dry rot (kind of wood rot) are the two extremely harmful forces which can destroy even a single item of your home. They both are often misconceived by majority of the people. However, they both look similar but actually they are comparatively different from each other to large an extent. There are … Continue reading

Co-Insurance 101 for Homeowner Associations – Article by Patrick Prendiville

What You Should Know What is Co-insurance?: Co-Insurance is the requirement imposed on the HOA for the proper valuation of property and when the HOA agrees to be a partner with the insurance company to payout any claims. In effect, the insured is “self insuring”. There are basically three ways to insure a property: Fully … Continue reading

Can a contractor assert a mechanic’s lien right against the association and/or its members? – Article by Barry A Ross, APC

A contractor who performed labor or provided services or materials in connection with and at the request of an owner may assert a mechanics lien against that owner’s interest and not against the interest of any other owners. In the case of emergency repairs, an owner’s consent is deemed to have been given. However, in … Continue reading

Don’t Paint Until……Article by Gregg Traum

In most cases there are two primary reasons that are considered when making a decision to paint the exterior wood. (1)The old paint is weathered and looks dull, cracked and uneven. (2) The reserve study calls for painting at regular intervals. The primary purpose for painting exterior wood is to protect it from moisture intrusion … Continue reading

Reduce Liability Exposure from Wood Destroying Pests & Organisms – Article by Gregg Traum

Gregg Traum Co-Owner Angelo Termite & Construction Company. Liablility To Owners and/or Property Managers           Most damage caused to the wood at the exterior areas of structures is from water intrusion (water in direct contact with wood) creating Fungus conditions, fungus left undetected,  will lead to Dryrot. Fungus is a living organism and if permitted … Continue reading

Drought Tolerant Plants – Article by Sea Grant California UCCE

Landscaping and Drought This Green Sheet provides some basic information about drought tolerant plants to get you started on a water friendly yard and garden. On the last page are a variety of excellent resources to take you further. Southern California’s sunshine and mild climate provide a gardener’s paradise. Homeowners’ attraction to lush landscaping is … Continue reading

Proper Minute Taking – Article by Gurdon H Buck from Common Ground Magazine

Minutes are the record of the official action of the assembly. Thus there must be a vote of the assembly to have any official action. As their name implies, minutes should be brief. As a minimum, the minutes should contain the following elements; a) The exact corporate name of the association and the words “minutes … Continue reading

10 Biggest Mistakes With Roofing and Waterproofing Projects – Article by Carl Brown, RCI, RRO

Roofing replacement and other large waterproofing projects are generally the most costly projects that association board’s face.  Such projects are done only occasionally at an association.  Because of the importance and cost of such work boards need to avoid as many complications as possible.  This article covers the ten biggest mistakes a board can make … Continue reading

TALES FROM THE TRENCHES – A series by Carl A. Brown, RCI, RRO

    The following is a true story and intended to help community managers and board members to make good decisions. Names have been changed.  GreatView Townhomes was an upscale community on a hillside along the ocean front. The unit owners no doubt purchased their homes there to enjoy the view and the sea breeze. The … Continue reading

Dryer Vent – The Hidden Danger – Article written by Bob Formisano, About.com Guide

Introduction to Dryer Vent Cleaning What I want to focus on in this tutorial is showing you how to remove dangerous lint build up in your dryer and dryer venting. Excessive lint build up occurs slowly and gradually. You don’t realize it is happening. You think that by cleaning out the lint filter after each … Continue reading

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