Dodging a bullet on home transfer fees – By Kenneth R. Harney

Thousands of homeowners associations and condominiums around the country just sidestepped a potentially costly problem: Earlier this month, a federal agency backed off its controversial plan to make obtaining mortgages in their communities much more difficult, and to dry up a key source of revenue that associations use to pay for improvements and property maintenance. … Continue reading

What is a Home Owners Association or HOA? by

Your front lawn is maintainted, access to a community pool, access to a community gym, clubhouse, exterior of your unit is maintainted – sound like a resort? Nope, it’s what you get living in an Homeowners Assciation “HOA”. For those who don’t live within one, here is an article that will give you the “411” … Continue reading

What do HOA fees generally cover?

Those who live within an HOA know all about paying HOA’s dues and have asked themselves at one point “what do my dues even cover?”. Here is a great article I found at that can help that question. HOA fees generally cover the same communal needs as rental payments do for managed rental properties. … Continue reading

New HOA boss tells property managers he is not the enemy – SIDE STREETS – Colorado Springs Gazette, CO

New HOA boss tells property managers he is not the enemy – SIDE STREETS – Colorado Springs Gazette, CO.

The Davis – Sterling Act – What is it and how can it help me?

Get the "Davis - Stirling " app for your Iphone, Blackberry or Android Phone

 What exactly is the Davis-Stirling Act?   The Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act consists of sections 1350 through 1378 of the California Civil Code. These code sections deal exclusively with common interest developments, which includes community apartment projects, condominiums, planned developments, and stock cooperatives. Other laws which affect common interest developments are the Federal Communication Commission … Continue reading

CC&R Enforcement:The Five Most Important “Don’ts” You Need To Know – Article by Steven S. Weil, Esq.

Association directors have many responsibilities. These include adopting a budget, authorizing year-end disclosures, pursuing delinquent assessments, conducting proper elections and enforcing the governing documents, especially the CC&Rs (“CC&Rs”) and Operating Rules. The majority of homeowner association residents – owners and tenants alike – follow the CC&Rs. Usually, most of those who don’t are unaware of … Continue reading

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